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Covenant Capital is an initiative of The Covenant Nation to provide financial & advisory assistance to entrepreneurs within the church.

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Covenant Capital is an initiative of The Covenant Nation to provide financial & advisory assistance to entrepreneurs within the church, empower them to achieve their God-given financial potential, and enable them contribute in meaningful ways to their immediate communities through job creation, financial empowerment and role modelling.

Business Strategy

We’ll help you Strategise in order to help  place your business better

Financial Planning

Assess your current financial situation for better decision making

Business Growth

Learn what factors around you can help influence your business growth

World Class Business Education Anytime

At Covenant Capital, we provide Entrepreneurs and Career people with the business savviness they require to start, scale and maintain their businesses.

Business Advisory

Members of the Covenant Nation can access world class advisory from industry key-players.

Business Loans

Interest free Loans to Covenant Nation Members to help them grow their businesses.

Innovative Business Solutions For New Start-Up Entities

Startups and seasoned business men and women can leverage our business education platforms to learn and scale their business.

Strategy Walk-throughs

Business owners can rely on our expert facilitator to provide with a detailed step by step walk-through of how they can apply knowledge gleaned from each session.

Corporate Strategy & Governance

Position your business by learning the level of strategy and structure required to grow your business.

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Members of tThe Covenant Nation who are seeking soft-loans to grow their businesses can access such from Covenant Capital

Business Advisory

Those stuck with a certain level and want to know how to navigate to their business’s next level can rely on our advisory unit

Career Management

Take your career from where it is now to your desired destination through our Cottage trainings, workshops and seminars

Need a Network To help grow your circle?

Our Covenant Capital Alumni Network will help introduce you to peers in your industry and like minds who will help your business growth.

Business Deals
Branding Strategy
Business School

We Provide Better Service For Your Business Growth

How knowledgable you are about your business ecosystem determines the level you can scale whatever you are doing. Leverage our blog post to gain intelligent reports on your business environment.