A custodian of blessings for the next generation.

It is important for us to understand our role in preserving the “destiny” of generations to come. This message is therefore addressed to youths at large; parents, future parents, those preparing for marriage, and those who desire to gain more understanding on their role in bringing about the agenda of God for generations to come.

There are many misconceptions about marriage and the place of the child. However, a deep search of the scripture reveals the right position –

The Psalmist helps us to understand in Psalm 127:4 that:

“Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are children of one’s youth

That means parents are to aim (guide, give direction, instruct) their children towards specific goals in life.

Put in another way; that the job of the parent is not about the “present” alone, but the “future” of the child.

But these goals will not just come to pass like that, and no parent will direct a child where he or she does not even know! So, what does this teach us? That we owe our children a duty – one of seeking the face of God just as Rebekah did (Gen. 25:22) so as to know, understand and initiate the proper roadmap for them.

The act of seeking God’s face to get instructions for our seeds is a good practice, one that is deeply rooted in scriptures, but is overlooked in our days.

Interestingly too, in the first place that God made mention of those to come from our bosom, He called them “seeds”, (Gen. 3:15). I believe that His choice of word was a careful one, and this, we can also understand through our reading of other instances where He addressed the men of old as touching His promise for their “seeds”.

In elementary science, we learn how one pollen grain can cause fertilization in flowers on a field, the same way, our seeds (children) are like pollens meant to be released by us to cause positive changes on the field of life!

How are these seeds (children) empowered? The scriptures records that “by faith”, Abraham (the receiver of a promise from God) believed God for His promise (Gen. 15:5-6, Heb 11:9), and passed the gospel of that promise to his seeds who in turn passed it from generation to generation confessing it, not having received the promise, but having seen them afar off and were assured of them, embraced them… until the ultimate fulfilment (Hebrews 11:13).

Search deeply into scriptures, there is something about the promises of OUR GOD which makes His words to us not just for us but for generations to come and our seeds unborn. The reason many promises are lost is because we (as the receiver) sometimes misconceive God’s promises expecting Him to act in our time, and off course, when we leave the earth, those who we hand over to (our seeds) keep living life without even knowing what to live for!

In order words, our seeds are empowered when we, as parents and “parents to be” begin to trust God for His promises to us and our children. This promise will ultimately guide the choice of our course, profession, and reasons for living.

In preparing these seeds (children) to take their rightful place in destiny, we (as carriers of those blessings) must understand our role as a prophet to them; we might not have been called to the ministry of the prophets, but we have all received the grace for the prophetic unction over our lives and families.

Note the words of Isaac in Genesis 27:4 as he called his son, Esau to prepare him a meal. He said “…make me savoury meal… that my soul may bless you before I die”. The words of Jacob is more convincing as he told his children “Gather yourselves and let me tell you things that will happen in the years to come” (Genesis 49). Even Paul refers to them as men who “Have seen the promise from afar” (Hebrews 11:13).

No doubt, that is the prophetic grace bestowed upon every parent, and “would-be parents”.

From the words of a wise woman in 2 Samuel 14:14:

“…….For we will surely die, and become like water spilled on the ground which cannot be gathered again, but God does not take away life, but rather has devised a means so that His banished ones (those who have received the promise) are not expelled from Him”.

My brothers and sisters, life is a relay race in which we must run by  keeping to the rules, and abiding in the faith that we may pass on the baton (a better legacy) to the seeds coming after us.

If we live well in our time and show our seeds the right path to follow, they will have no excuse to fail in their own time.

However, if we live a reckless and a careless life, we will still have to eventually pass the baton and that which we pass may turn out to be what generations may suffer for, simply because of our own errors.

I pray that when it is our turn to pass on the baton of life, we will have a well groomed runner (our seed) to pass it to.

Please affirm these words of prayer as you commit yourself to the Lord:

“Dear Lord, you have taught me from my youth,

And to this day, I declare your wondrous works.

Now also, when I am old and gray headed,

Do not forsake me, until I declare your strength to this generation,

And your power to everyone who is to come… So help me God.” (Psalm 71: 17-18).


You shall fulfil your purpose for living in Jesus name (AMEN).baby-1150109_960_720