Covenant Capital is an initiative of The Covenant Nation (TCN) to provide financial & advisory assistance to entrepreneurs within the church, empower them to achieve their God-given financial potential, and enable them contribute in meaningful ways to their immediate communities through job creation, financial empowerment and role modelling.

Covenant Capital represents a growth of the original Covenant Microfinance Scheme and now includes larger projects and provides support structures to fledgling business in the local community.

Covenant Capital services are accessible to all members of Covenant Christian Centre at five (5) levels: Microcredit, Microfinance, Project Finance, and Business Advisory, Business Training, and Career Development Services. See our services page for details.


Covenant Capital is not a bank, a finance house, a credit union or savings institution and does not currently aim to become one. Our objectives are to:

  • Provide interest-free credit to high-growth, impact opportunities with potential to contribute meaningfully to communities by delivering a valuable product or service and providing employment opportunities.
  • Provide start-up financing (in whole or in part) based on case-by-case assessment of individual applications.
  • Encourage acquisition of entrepreneurship, leadership, management skills to ensure long-term survival of funded businesses. Assist in business expansion.
  • Assist in business expansion from micro scale to small scale – we do not provide equity funding, grants or donations.


Covenant Capital is structured into 6 major sub-departments as shown below:

The Administration Unit is responsible for coordinating the activities of the Group. This includes processing applications, scheduling and facilitating meetings and interviews and keeping the records of the Group. Others include:

  • Microcredit
  • Microfinance
  • Project Finance
  • Business Advisory
  • Business Trainings
  • Career Management

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