Covenant Capital Business School (CCBS) is the business training arm of Covenant Capital. The school focuses on equipping entrepreneurs by teaching them requisite business skills to better manage and grow their businesses. The school has been positioned to empower entrepreneurs to be productive and profitable using best in class business models that will differentiate them in the marketplace.

The courses are designed for those charged with governance of their entities, entrepreneurs, practitioners, administrators and managers saddled with such managerial responsibilities in their various organizations and business endeavors.

The school’s offerings are delivered in basic, intermediate and advanced categories with periodic Masterclasses on selected business areas by highly acclaimed technocrats and professionals.

Covenant Capital Business School runs a blend of academic and professional business and management programmes designed principally to:

  • Provide a Christ-centered platform for producing globally competitive manpower needed in business administration, management and business research
  • Train and equip students with readily applicable tools, skills and expertise needed in today’s ever-dynamic environment
  • Deliver courses for exploration of emerging business and related disciplines by a dynamic faculty with relevant industry experience
  • Provide business and financial support for graduates of the school, and
  • Promote synergy among business people and the academia for the purpose of deepening business networks and modern business/management culture.

Core Values

  • C– Christ-centred
  • C– Community-focused
  • B– Building wealth
  • S– Solutions driven

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