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Covenant Capital Business
School (CCBS)

This unit anchors one of the core objectives of the CovCap department. CCBS has the objective of attracting, developing, and tracking the performance and growth of business owners, amongst other objectives.

The unit achieves its objectives through its primary vehicle - the operation of a Christ-centred business school that develops and empowers the entrepreneurs with all necessary knowledge and scientific tools, as well as biblical business principles, that will ensure the entrepreneurs are successful in their endeavours

CCBS achieves these objectives by:

  1. Building its faculty comprising professionals and subject matter experts in various fields of business endeavor
  2. Designing robust and relevant curricula and programmes for the different stages of entrepreneurial abilities
  3. Pre-screening and enrolling entrepreneurs to ensure that the selected students for the school’s programmes have passion for entrepreneurship, and are eligible for the programmes applied for
  4. Onboarding the successful entrepreneurs into the next stream of the business classes
  5. With the best resources and trainers, deliver best-in-class school experiences to the enrollees
  6. Certify all participant students who successfully complete the programmes by attaining the required graduation criteria
  7. Keep a network of the Alumni and sustain the relationships with industry network meetings or additional knowledge sharing programs that will be beneficial to their businesses
  8. Participate in and organize periodic interventions targeted at helping or educating its faculty, alumni and the wider business public