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[/column] [column width=”1/3″ position=”last”][testimonials heading=”Testimonials” auto_scroll=”yes”][testimonial width=”one-third” author=”Niyi Olurinde” picture_url=”” author_title=”Uber Transportation Franchise”]How has Covenant Capital Affected Your Business?
I must say that the two unique feature of covenant capital microfinance loan scheme which makes it stand out is the fact that it is interest free unlike what is obtainable in the commercial banks and the repayment flexibility.
I was given a month moratorium which gives me ample time to work with the loan. You should also pick up the form when the announcement is made and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity from Covenant Capital. [/testimonial] [testimonial width=”one-third” author=”Tunde Ademuyiwa” picture_url=”” author_title=”Vocal Circuits Limited – Manufacturing”]How has Covenant Capital Affected Your Business?
Covenant Capital was very helpful when my business needed urgent working capital. We had assets and ready-made products, but we needed money to push products out. Covenant Capital was very helpful in funding our Go-To-Market activities. The funds were essentially channeled towards marketing and promotion of our new products. This also helped us to export some of our products to the UK market. [/testimonial] [testimonial width=”one-third” author=”Sam O.” picture_url=”” author_title=””]Thank you for documents sent. Thank you for organizing the program, I learnt new things to help my businesses.[/testimonial] [testimonial width=”one-third” author=”Edet” picture_url=”” author_title=””]The seminar was great. It was time well-spent. Keep it up.[/testimonial] [testimonial width=”one-third” author=”OluM” picture_url=”” author_title=””]Dear Covenant Capital,
Thank you for the seminar and making the materials available. It was a wonderful experience and highly educative. Look forward to the next one on Taxes. It’s an area I am really interested in.
Regards[/testimonial] [testimonial width=”one-third” author=”Peter N” picture_url=”” author_title=””]Thank you so much for this awesome initiative.
Kind regards[/testimonial] [testimonial width=”one-third” author=”Emma N.” picture_url=”” author_title=””]I really enjoyed your last seminar on owning and growing your business and it has been quite benefitial. I look forward to your next seminar on Taxes and Business.[/testimonial][/testimonials] [/column] [/row_container] [row_container full_width=”no” dark=”no” padded=”yes” bgr_url=”” bgr_parallax=”no”] [text_box title=”Get In Touch” text=”Do you have more questions about Convenant Capital? Contact us today!” margined=”yes” no_bgr=”no”][button href=”/contact-us” css_classes=”bordered button_blue tiny_button regular_text”] Contact Us[/button][/text_box] [/row_container]