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Covenant Capital Services

[/big_title] [/row_container] [row_container dark=”no” padded=”yes” bgr_url=”” bgr_parallax=”no”] [column width=”eight” position=”first”] [slider animation=”fade”][slide link=”” title=””]/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/ad-micro-credit.jpg[/slide][slide link=”” title=””]/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/ad-business-advisory.jpg[/slide][slide link=”” title=””]/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/ad-business-training.jpg[/slide][slide link=”” title=””]/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/ad-career-management.jpg[/slide][/slider] [spacing margin=”no” border=”no”][/spacing] [/column] [column width=”seven” position=”last” custom_class=”left_padded”] [heading centered=”no” margin_bottom=”yes” large=”no” background=”yes”]Our Services[/heading] [accordion title=”Micro Credit” is_open=”yes”]Microcredit scheme is designed to extend credit to micro scale businesses, given that traditional lending methods have been unsuccessful in financing this class of businesses. Micro businesses are usually unable to provide collaterals, guarantors (and other credit enhancers) and loan amounts are not sizable. Inspired by the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Grameen Credit Model, Covenant Capital developed this scheme to extend loans of up to N50,000 to petty traders, artisans and all those who run any kind of micro business.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Microfinance” is_open=”no”]Microfinance service is targeted at businesses with financing needs and/or business idea that will not get the attention of commercial banks and/or traditional credit institutions due to their size of operations and the difficulty of articulating a plan in standard financial terms. The current limit on microfinance loans is N500,000 for a maximum tenor of 6 months. Microfinance loans can be renewed upon repayment of current outstanding loan. Re-applicants must show evidence of business growth. The only collateral required for loan is the guarantee provided by the two mandatory guarantors, who may be members or non-members of Covenant Christian Centre.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Business Advisory” is_open=”no”]Covenant Capital provides consulting and advisory services to businesses, having realized that entrepreneurs often require professional advice on management and operational issues. To provide this service, Covenant Capital draws on the skills and expertise of various church members in the first instance and if required, hire external experts/professional consultants. The cost of hiring professionals will be borne by Covenant Capital.
In providing business advisory services, Covenant Capital may retain services of professional practitioners to provide required services until such a time beneficiary businesses are able to independently outsource or insource provided services. Beneficiary businesses may be required to contribute to retainer costs.
[/accordion] [accordion title=”Business Trainings” is_open=”no”]Covenant Capital conducts periodic business trainings, seminars and conferences which are targeted at entrepreneurs, investors and young professionals. Covenant Capital aims to equip entrepreneurs to manage their businesses more effectively and efficiently by providing requisite management skills trainings to grow their businesses. For investors, we focus on highlighting less obvious investment opportunities in Nigeria‚Äôs growing and diverse markets; while we provide intrapreneurship, management and employability skills development to young professionals. Each of our business trainings, seminars and conferences are usually focused specific market or skills development opportunity to make room for depth on potentially complex subject areas.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Career Management” is_open=”no”]Covenant Capital has developed series of career management and development programmes focused on equipping professionals with skills that will enable them leap frog into success in their chosen careers. The Career Management services is classified into the following target groups:
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  • undergrads, fresh graduates, NYSC members, entry level employees with 0 to 3 years of work experience.
  • professionals with 3 to 10 years of work experience.
  • professionals with 10 years of work experience and above, professionals who currently occupy.
  • management roles or are ready to take on C-Suite responsibilities.
  • professionals in informal sector, running micro/small businesses.
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